business guide Applying for a Mining License in Indonesia

Foreign companies seeking to establish a non-oil and gas mining operation in Indonesia are required to obtain a mining license. This section briefly explains what is needed in applying for one.

power plant Indonesia's Coal Industry: Full Steam Ahead

Indonesia's coal industry is expected to continue in an upward trend throughout the course of 2017. Caution beyond that point should however be taken as various factors contributing to coal's price recovery can be limited to the short term only.
mining Indonesia's Coal Mining Sector: A Silver Lining Behind Dark Clouds

After being highly sought-after and becoming a leading foreign exchange earner through the early 2000s, Indonesia's coal sector has been hit hard in recent years following the fall in commodity prices.
metal mining Indonesia's Metal Mining Sector: Rewriting the Rules

On 11th January 2017, the Indonesian government issued abrupt and unexpected changes to its Mining Law that sent reverberations around the for metal miners. The new regulations ultimately shed light on the ongoing inconsistencies facing investors looking to enter or develop the sector.
metal melting Indonesia's Smelting Plans - Moving Slowly, but Moving

The economic slowdown and uncertain global environment have obstructed Indonesia's policy to push the country's mining sector to invest in metal smelters and downstream industries. Falling exports and the depreciation of the rupiah raise questions over the timing of the government's move to ban shipments of unprocessed metal minerals.
metal melting facts Metal Mining in Indonesia: Time to Face the Facts

Building Indonesia's metal industries requires immense capital, much of which will come from abroad. The ore export ban, therefore, should be seen by foreign investors as an opportunity rather than a threat. For mining companies willing to play by the new rules, it's far from game over.