cocoa Indonesia's Cocoa Industry: Lack of Supply Still Hampers Growth and Investment

Indonesia's cocoa industry suffers from the lack of supply amid increasing demand from the downstream sector as the country's cocoa production which once topped global production, is now declining as its cocoa plants age. Despite various constraints, the industry is still attractive in terms of investment.
indo cocoa Indonesia's Booming Cocoa Industry Puts Farmers to the Test

Responding to Indonesians' growing taste for chocolate, global companies have invested heavily in cocoa grinding facilities and downstream businesses in recent years. Farmers, however, are struggling to increase cocoa bean output and have become the weak link in Indonesia's cocoa industry.

grape Indonesia's Coffee Industry Needs Growth Capital

Indonesia is the world's third-largest coffee producer and exporter, after Brazil and Vietnam. With per-capita coffee consumption on the rise both in Indonesia and the wider region, there is obvious room for further growth, but there is also an obvious need for investment.

palm oil Indonesian Palm Oil Industry Overview - Biodiesel as a New Source of Revenue Growth

After being neglected for so long despite its strategic position as a key driver of the economy, the Indonesian government under President Joko Widodo has begun to pay more attention to the local palm oil industry through a number of business-friendly regulations.
mini cocoa An Overview of Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry

Crude Palm Oil is one of Indonesia's most strategically important sectors, being the leading CPO exporter worldwide. The following analysis of recent industry trends and regulations highlights the opportunities and challenges for investors in Indonesia's palm oil sector.
sugar Indonesia's Sugar Industry Overview: Still a Long Way from Self-Sufficiency

Although it has existed since the Dutch colonial period, the fate of the Indonesian sugar industry is not as sweet as its product. Many issues continue to plague the national sugar industry, ranging from aging factories to a flood of cheap imported sugar due to poor market regulation.

tree rubber Indonesia's Rubber Industry: Increased Competition and Falling Prices

Recent volatility has once again placed a focus on the sustainability of Indonesia's rubber industry and the pressing need to make the sector more competitive as well as to develop value added industries that benefit the local market as well as provide goods to the global export market.

tea Indonesia's Tea Industry: Bitter Supply Amid Sweet Demand

Indonesia's tea industry faces a number of obstacles from aging plants to climate change that have led to lower productivity and poor profitability which has prompted many smallholders to switch to other commodities. That being said, there has been increased demand for tea in recent years.