traditional cake Indonesia's Creative Industry: Set to Become the Next Economic Powerhouse

Indonesia's creative industry is forecasted to become a new economic driver for the country. In order to achieve this, the government has prepared a number of incentives to facilitate investments to the sector.
heritage Indonesia's Creative Economy & Heritage Products - A Wealth of Opportunities

Indonesia's rich cultural heritage reflects in its long history of crafts, arts and entertainment and provides a valuable foundation for the creative industries. To fully realize their export potential, however, producers need to sustain sufficient quantities of consistent quality.
motherboard Indonesia's Electronic Component Sector: 4G Smartphones A Future Growth Driver

Despite Indonesia having one of the largest number of cell phone users in the world, the sector's contribution to the country's economy is still low due to the reliance on imported devices.
electric manufacture Electronics and Home Appliances Manufacturing in Indonesia; Finding its Edge

Indonesian consumers keenly spend their rising personal earnings on electronics and home appliances. Setting up shop in Southeast Asia's largest economy offers global manufacturers of consumer electronics the chance to tap rising demand in Indonesia and the wider region.
washing machine Indonesia's Electronics and Home Appliances Sector

Indonesia's domestic market for electronics has been showing a broad upward trend for the past decade in line with improved per capita purchasing power and greater consumer sophistication. This section looks at the changes in consumer habits and the main players in the industry.
business guide Indonesia's Furniture Sector; Sitting Comfortably

Local furniture manufacturers have flourished over the past decade and are on course to further reap the benefits of Indonesia's growing prominence as a furniture producer following the implementation of a legal verification system for timber sourcing.
indoor furniture Indonesia's Furniture & Homeware Sector

Indonesia has an established reputation within the furniture and handicrafts sector within the regional and global market due to the country's strong historical traditions in woodwork and artistic crafts such as batik. This article looks at some of the key trends and business opportunities in the sector.