concrete Indonesia's Construction & Building Materials Sector On the Up & Up

As Indonesia's real estate market has experienced growth in recent decades, the demand for building materials has skyrocketed. The domestic market for both the industrial and retail segment is thriving, with key players rapidly expanding production capacity of high-demand materials such as concrete.

ceramic Indonesian Tile Makers Riding on the Property Boom

Indonesia already makes the global top ten in both production and consumption of ceramic tiles; and the country harbours a lot more potential as the population grows, urbanization continues and incomes rise.
infrastructure Construction Firms Find Strong Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia's emerging economy is in dire need of better infrastructure, while rising personal income is driving demand for residential and commercial property. These factors put the country squarely on the radar of the global construction industry.
challenges in the construction Challenges in the Construction Sector

Indonesia's construction sector faces limitations in terms of human resources, technology and capacity. This section looks at how the sector is faring and what is being done to develop the private sector of the industry to allow them to compete with state behemoths.
paints & coatings Overview of the Indonesian Paint Industry: Still Promising Despite Slowdown

After experiencing a slowdown in 2015, Indonesia's paint and coating industry has been on the rise again since 2016. The sector is expected to continue to grow robustly over the next five years driven by the government's infrastructure and housing projects.
industrial property Indonesia's Industrial Property Sector: Rising Supply and Demand

Indonesia's industrial property sector has been subject to challenges as industrial investors have hesitated and delayed their entry or expansion due to greater uncertainty in the local and global economic climate.
land acquisition Indonesia's Land Acquisition Laws; On Paper Only?

Underpinning Indonesia's infrastructure development challenges are the country's land acquisition laws which while on paper have offered the legal grounding to acquire land in the public interest since 2012, the gap between what is on paper and how such measures are implemented remains vast.
PPP (Public Private Partnerships)
high stake High Stakes for Indonesia's New Infrastructure Push

Cumbersome land acquisition procedures and other regulations have long been blamed for slow progress on public-private partnerships (PPP) for infrastructure in Indonesia. However, investment rules have been substantially overhauled in recent years to make them more attractive for private-sector engagement.
ppp infrastructure Indonesian Infrastructure: Tremendous PPP Opportunities

Inadequate infrastructure has long been identified as an obstacle to higher economic growth in Indonesia. This section looks at the new PPP projects available to investors in the infrastructure sector.